Leadership Programme in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for Young Cultural Managers and Practitioners

Deadline: 14 June 2018

Cultural Diplomacy Platform’s Global Cultural Leadership Programme has issued a call for applications for young cultural managers/practitioners looking to develop and strengthen cultural leadership skills and seeking to be part of a growing international network of cultural professionals.

The third edition of Global Cultural Leadership Programme (GCLP) will be held from 27 October to 2 November 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform.

This Leadership Programme is looking specifically for applications from outstanding cultural managers from Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the USA (3 participants from each of these 10 countries), as well as from the 28 Member States of the European Union (10 participants, each from a different EU country).

The participants to the GCLP 2018 will come from different fields of relevant cultural practice in their respective countries and represent sectors that are specifically interested in reaching out with their work globally.

The GCLP is the main training component of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform. Its main objective is to support young cultural managers emerging on the international scene, and coming from the 10 Strategic Partners of the European Union as well as from EU Member States, in developing and strengthening their cultural leadership skills.

Through its framework, content and methodology, the GCLP specifically aims to improve the skills of cultural managers, as well as develop collaborative peer-to-peer learning and network building. The programme offers a set of learning modules, tools and manuals for practice-based learning, giving participants opportunities to build meaningful collaborations at the global level, and enabling them to develop fresh insights into international cultural collaboration practices.

The activities of the GCLP will, inter alia, address the managerial practicalities of establishing sustainable cultural exchanges, build long-term collaboration based on people-to-people contacts, and engage in productive co-creation processes. They will engage participants in an experience of international networking in a lean, practice-based and easily replicable learning framework.


Participatory group reflections, educational workshops, expert talks and peer discussions will explore a variety of current challenges and opportunities, and provide knowledge and working approaches into:

• Purposes, values and experiences of international cultural collaboration and exchange,

• Practices and principles of cultural diplomacy and cultural relations in a global context,

• Develop practical communication and management approaches on topics that enable young cultural managers to become new players of practice- and reflection-based diplomacy,

• Reflecting on managing/leading cultural organisations in international working relations,

• Developing intercultural competences and working approaches for collaborating with peers in different social and cultural environments, but also with citizens and cultural communities on local and transnational levels,

• Learning how to take risks and embrace uncertainty when collaborating with new partners,

• How to analyse/adopt new trends in international cultural management and identify/link to new international flagship initiatives in the field
• etc.

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