How to get a Fully Funded Scholarship to attend the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Canada

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference (to be held in Vancouver, Canada from 3-6 June 2019) is considered to be the largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women. It brings together a diverse range of audience from all around the world, comprising of world leaders, influencers, innovators and change makers.

Full Scholarships to attend the World's Largest Conference on Gender Equality

Some of the interesting features of this Conference are that its plenaries are not about speeches and presentations but they seek to engage and build dialogues with participants to take the agenda forward; it will host an Appy Hour which is a display of first-hand 10 mobile apps which have the potential to change the world for girls and women. Participants will be able to see these apps in action.

The conference also has ‘The Youth Zone” – a physical space dedicated to elevating the voices of young people at the conference. “The Youth Zone will be a bustling central hub to challenge the status quo through intergenerational dialogue and idea-sharing.”

Besides, the conference will also host concurrent sessions and workshops, culture night, film and arts stage, social enterprise pitch, digital poster session, advocacy, pre-conferences, satellite sessions and more.

Full Scholarships to attend the World's Largest Conference on Gender Equality

In order to ensure the participation of people from diverse geographical areas, ages, and backgrounds, the conference organizers are providing a scholarship program. This program provides financial assistance to people who would otherwise be unable to cover the cost of attendance. It is opened to individuals of any age, but preference will be given to applicants from low- and middle-income countries and/or vulnerable populations who are working to advance gender equality and the health, rights, and well-being of girls and womenŚincluding sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The scholarship generously covers:

  • Registration Fee
  • Economy airfare
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Per Diem
  • Health Insurance
  • Visa costs
  • Ground Transportation

While the basic criteria to apply for this scholarship is that you should be from any one of the low- and middle-income countries and/or vulnerable populations and should be involved in advancing gender equality, if you are selected for this scholarship, you need to fulfill the following commitments:

  • Participate in the online communication and advocacy boot-camp in winter or spring of 2019
  • Hold at least one policy dialogue post-conference in the home country
  • Secure visa at least 3 months prior to the conference (Canada allows applications 6 months prior to the event)
  • Participate fully in the conference (on-site attendance for the full duration)
  • Respond promptly to requests for information from the organizers

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 19 April 2018.

To apply for the scholarship, you need to submit an online application form through the conference’s website. The application form is not too long but seeks information about your background and current status and about your interests on the subject of gender equality and women’s rights.

You are required to create a quick online account and you will be immediately taken to the application form. Here you can start filling the information requested.

Women Deliver Conference Application Form 1

The application form has been divided into eight to nine parts. The first four parts seek in-depth information about yourself. Personal information such as name, contact details, passport information is covered under the Part 1 of the application form. Remember that this scholarship is open only for participants from low- and middle-income countries (or those working for vulnerable populations). So your location is an important eligibility requirement to apply for this scholarship.

Part 2 requests information about your English-level skills probably to know about the level of your understanding about the conference language and how much you can benefit from it. However, there does not seem to be a criterion where knowing the English language is a must to attend this Conference. If you had previously received a scholarship to attend the conference, you can mention it here.

Part 3 of the application form seeks details about your education. Again, education is not a requirement to apply for this scholarship as this conference is open to everyone from diverse backgrounds but you can mention the degree attained here. Or if you are a student, you can also mention it here.

Part 4 is about your employment details (if you are employed). The details about your work interests in various areas and also about the number of years in advocacy work related to gender equality, rights and well-being of girls and women are requested in this section.

Women Deliver Conference Application Form 2

The Part 5: Essays of the application form can be the most challenging ones because this section seeks information about your ideas and vision in relation to the agenda of the conference. These essay answers will be reviewed by a committee and can help further determine your selection for the scholarship.

In 100 words, you need to provide your perspective about “biggest challenges to advance gender equality and the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women in your country or globally and what do you recommend should be done to overcome these challenges?” It is best if you try to highlight the challenges you face as a local person in your country or area because you have a better knowledge of this situation (unless you are working in the arena of international policy lobbying). Local challenges can be many, especially in poor and developing countries: illiteracy, poor education, patriarchy and lack of leadership and economic skills among women. Just list out the problems you are working to address in your area and priorities what comes first. It may be possible that the immediate problem you need to address for women is lack of education – which is a challenge and if properly addressed, it can lead to overall change.

Women Deliver Conference form 4

The second question under this section asks “How have you worked in partnership and/or across sectors or issue areas to advance gender equality and/or issues of importance to girls and women?” Here you can explain the practical part of your work. You may be working with the Government or other international agencies to address the above challenges. Or if you working alone to address the issues, what are the strategies you are applying. For example, you may be providing capacity-building and training to build women’s skills in your area. Or you may be carrying out participatory research with your women community to identify their health problems. This can also be mentioned under this section.

The last question under this question is about your expectations for participating in the conference and how it will help in advancing your efforts in your country. Conferences are usually organized for building linkages, networking, sharing of information and look for synergies to continue your work more effectively. You can inform the question that you look forward to meeting other like-minded individuals and organizations for creating sustainable networks by participating in this conference. Further, you will get a vast exposure to international policymaking, advocacy and new strategies adopted worldwide to address women’s issues. With all this knowledge and connections, you will be able to address the problems in your area in a sustainable manner.

The next part of the application is where you provide two references including their names, relation, and their contact email. You also need to upload their letters of reference here.

Under additional information section, you can include links to websites, blogs, etc. about your work that would be helpful in reviewing your application. Finally, agree to the terms and conditions. If you would like to review your application before submitting, you can save it for now and come back later to submit it.

To apply and learn more about this conference, visit this link.

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