How to develop your Outcomes and Outputs for your youth advocacy project?

After learning about the process of planning out project activities, we will take a look at how you can develop outcomes and outputs of your youth advocacy project.

Results in any project are broken up into three parts:

  • Outputs
  • Outcomes
  • Long-term Results

Outputs are usually the immediate results of a project. For example, if youths have gained new knowledge from a workshop organized by your project, then it is an output.

Outcomes are medium-term results, and they may take some time from getting achieved, although within the duration of the project. An outcome can be about youths taking up small businesses and earning incomes from them.

Results are long-term and can be achieved even after the duration of the project. If it is found out the unemployment rate amongst youths has been reduced, then this is a result achieved by the project in the long-term.

Monitoring and Evaluation is an important process of any project. Almost all donor agencies request a proper monitoring and evaluation form from every grantee not only for analyzing the results of the project but also to study the possibilities of replicating its success elsewhere.

The monitoring and evaluation process usually involved studying the progress of the project activities. You can set out indicators of your project on the basis of the objectives and results. For example, if you aim to train youths in new employment skills, then your indicator is “the number of youths that have received training in employment.” Similarly, “the number of youths launching their startup businesses” or “the number of youths earning new incomes for their households” are also indicators of your project, and you can use them in your monitoring and evaluation plan.

How to develop your Outcomes and Outputs for your youth advocacy project?


It is important to make your project inclusive, and your results framework should indicate how many women and girls and other types of vulnerable groups will be benefited from your project.

International donors also request Risks and Assumptions for your project. These are mostly those factors that are outside the control of your project. For example, a sudden change in the political environment can lead to a massive change in Government policies that will end up impacting your project activities.