14 Open Grants for Environmental, Conservation and Climate Change Projects, Ideas and Startups

If you, or your group, or organization, has been working hard towards the protection of environment, conservation of nature and addressing climate change issues or if you have an idea that would create a sustainable impact in the above areas of intervention, then you should review the following grant opportunities.

How to find and raise Small Seed Grants for Your Projects and make a difference

From funding startup ideas to providing financial support to scaleable projects, there are a number of international donors interested in supporting your work.

However, as these opportunities come from a range of donor agencies around the world, they have different approaches of accepting and analyzing applications from grant seekers. It is important to adapt to their methodology for ensuring maximum success. Please make sure to read the eligibility criteria for each of the grant opportunity.

You can review these grants below:

Small Grants that will empower local organizations to protect Environment
This is perhaps the most unique and interesting concept of project funding where small grants are given to beneficiary NGOs so that they can actually purchase land areas where threatened natural habitation exists. Learn more.

Seeking proposals to innovatively mobilize funding for climate finance
In this request of proposals, the Hewlett Foundation seeks information as to how to mobilize the capital available with the retail banking sector for financing the objectives of the Paris Climate Accord. Learn more

One the largest competitions to fund sustainable green startups
In this funding opportunity, green startups can win up to