10 New Grants and Event Participation Opportunities for Youths and Youth Organizations

Check out the following list of 10 new grants and event participation opportunities for youths and youth organizations around the world.

Funding for NGO Networks addressing health and human rights of youths and other vulnerable groups
In this Request for Proposals for the year 2018, funding is available for networks of NGOs addressing health and human rights of youths and other vulnerable groups. Learn more.

UNODC Funding Call for Proposals to prevent drug abuse among the youth
UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) has announced a call for proposals to prevent drugs abuse among the youth in low and middle-income countries. Learn more.

Financial Prize of USD $20,000 for Youth Contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals
King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award includes a financial prize of USD $20,000 for youth contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more.

Share Your Story about Gender Equality for an Opportunity to Get Micro-Grants
Individuals and organizations are invited to share a story about gender equality for an opportunity to get micro-grants. Learn more.

The AYNI Fund wants to co-invest in your Project
The International Indigenous Women’s Forum’s AYNI Indigenous Women Fund has a special fund called Leading from the South (LFS). It has been created to support human rights activism, shaped, implemented and led by organizations, groups of women from the global south. Learn more.

World Bank’s Young Professionals Program: An Exciting Career Opportunity
The World Bank’s Young Professionals Program is accepting applications from young individuals looking for an exciting career at the World Bank Group. Learn more.

Opportunity to attend the International Water Week 2018 in Korea and win grants
KIWW 2018 is offering an opportunity to attend the International Water Week 2018 in Korea and also win a grant through the World Water Challenge 2018. Learn more.

AWDF Call for Proposals 2018
AWDF funds organisations and initiatives advancing the rights of women facing multiple discriminations. This includes young women; differently-abled women; women living with HIV, economically marginalised rural and urban women; sex workers and lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. Learn more.

Hivos Fund for Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Hivos Southern African Hub aims towards an open and green society, inspired by humanist values such as freedom, dignity, responsibility and curiosity. Learn more.

A New Opportunity to exchange Views and Experiences at the 2018 Youth Form in Geneva
Here is a new opportunity for youth to exchange views and experiences at the 2018 UNCTAD Youth Forum to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 22-26 October 2018. Learn more.