World Peace Initiative: Community Awareness Grant for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Are you young leaders or young entrepreneurs willing to use mindfulness to promote lasting peace in the world? Do you think that your start-up or organization needs help to progress and move to a higher stage? Do you think you do not have enough financial support from local organizations and want to reach more people in your community? If yes, then apply for the Community Awareness Grant for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

The World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) has announced its Community Awareness Grant for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs to support projects that bring positive change in society and promote mindfulness and meditation as tools to improve the quality of life of people.

Grant Information

  • Earn up to $ 3,000 to implement the proposed project.
  • The opportunity to have one of our certified meditation instructors for free as a trainer for the implementation of the “mindfulness” aspect of the project.
  • The project will have to be implemented over a period of 90 days.
  • The winner will be required to report the results of the project to WPI in two phases, 45 days after project launch and the last day of the project (day 90).
  • If the project is successfully implemented, the team will also be sponsored to attend one of the training programs or our meditation retreats in Thailand.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All nonprofit organizations, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, peace activists and anyone with an idea in line with the goals can apply for the WPI Grant for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs.
  • To participate in this program, there are certain requirements:
    • Be a member of WPI’s Facebook group for French speaking countries. If applicants are not yet a member, please join the group.
    • The project will be carried out in Africa only by Africans.
    • The project must be initiated by applicants and their team, it must not be an old project and not something copied elsewhere.
    • The project must not violate human or animal rights or be involved in a process aimed at killing or harming the life of any living being.
    • The project can not be involved in any trading of financial securities or cryptocurrencies.
    • The project is expected to have a positive social impact with a reach of at least 200 people.
    • The project must be respectful of the environment.
    • The project can not involve any kind of hatred or harsh speech.
    • The project can not involve the use or promotion of intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.
    • The duration of the project should not exceed 90 days.
    • The project should involve mindfulness and meditation and be able to show how mindfulness and meditation can be beneficial to the project.
    • The project will ideally have a plan for long-term sustainability.

How to Apply

All applications should be sent via email at the address given on the website.

Deadline: 20 October 2018

For more information, please visit Community Awareness Grant.