NGOs, colleges, businesses invited to apply for Social Science Research Grant Program 2018

Deadline: 16 July 2018

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has announced a call for proposals for NGOs, colleges, small businesses and universities invited for the Social Science Research Grant Program 2018.

‘Increasing and enhancing research-led anti-doping education’ is one of WADA’s strategic priorities.

Accordingly, WADA’s Education Committee is tasked with identifying relevant areas of social science research in the field of anti-doping to inform more effective doping prevention strategies.

WADA-supported research requires that anti-doping education programs and initiatives are grounded in scientific knowledge and evidence. Proposals are invited for research that specifically ‘measures the effectiveness of existing anti-doping strategies and interventions’.

It should be noted that, proposals that demonstrate partnerships and collaboration between research institutions and anti-doping organizations will be looked upon favorably during the decision-making process.

Similarly, interdisciplinary proposals drawing from multiple social science fields (e.g., sociology, psychology, law, economics, and management science) are encouraged.

All proposals responding to the terms and conditions of this Call will be evaluated by external peer-reviewers, whose recommendations will be reviewed by WADA’s Social Science Research Project Review Panel and the Education Committee for recommendation to the Agency’s Executive Committee.

Applicants will be notified of the results at the end of 2018.

Funding Considerations

1. Applicants may request funds for direct costs only, reflecting the actual needs of the proposed project and in accordance with limitations stated under the “Detailed Budget” section of this document.

2. WADA research grant funding covers only studies or components of studies that are not supported by other sources.

3. Projects partly funded from other sources will be viewed favorably.

4. Collaborating with other institutions will be viewed favorably.

5. The average budget of previously funded projects is the following:

  • One-year projects: ~US$20,000
  • Two-year projects: ~US$30,000
  • Three-year projects: ~US$65,000

WADA has in recent years funded projects above these thresholds and will continue to consider applications requesting higher budgets (that complies with limitations outlined in the “Detailed Budget” section) for projects promising high significance to the fight against doping.

Topics of Particular Interest to WADA

WADA accepts all applications through its open call for proposals. However below are topics that have been expressly requested in the past or have been expressed as an area of interest by the WADA Education Committee.

  • Understanding the experience and role of athlete support personnel in the pursuit of clean sport and doping prevention
  • Understanding how athletes and stakeholders view the legitimacy of antidoping rules and the wider anti-doping system
  • Development of an evidence base to inform WADA’s whistleblowing policy.
  • How Scenario-Based Learning can improve the implementation of valuesbased education in ant-doping.
  • How doping can be influenced / countered by the globalization, medicalization, commercialization and evolution of sport.
  • Gateways to doping, which would include: the use of supplements, the effects of technology and the overall perceived cheating culture.
  • The deterrent effects of storing samples and reanalysis.
  • The most effective methods of education for athletes on supplements, including the best way to communicate messages.
  • The role of the entourage in supporting the use of supplements.
  • The role of social media and its potential function in effective education delivery
  • The role of sponsors in the anti-doping process, their perception of doping, and what responsibilities they feel they have in protecting clean sport.
  • An examination of how anti-doping fits as an integrity issue.

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