E4SC: A One-Year Programme to support Young Social Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) is a one-year programme, which aims to support young social entrepreneurs and enhance their skills to boost a business idea with a social mission.

Their businesses will become powerful driver of economic development and social inclusion, and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The participants get equipped with the tools required to start, develop and scale up a social business, they meet like-minded social entrepreneurs and engage with cutting-edge guest speakers and mentors.

The selected young leaders receive feedback from peers, mentoring from experienced social entrepreneurs and are matched with potential investors during the year following the training.


Social entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 who either have or are in the process of establishing a social enterprise

Where? or E4SC Facebook page


You want to change the world through a sustainable business?


Application deadline is 31st of July, 9pm CEST time

What it Includes?

  • Bootcamp: 10-day in person experience to disrupt your world, provide applicants with the tools to grow and scale up their enterprise, connect deeply with their peers, and learn from top-class trainers and coaches from all over the world.
  • Executive Mentoring: 1-year individual meetings with some of the world’s top executives dealing with social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Applicants will be given a virtual cryptocurrency to spend on mentoring hours where their needs are.
  • 360 Degree Empowerment: Before the bootcamp, e4sc run a 360o assessment to create a detailed plan for applicants social and economic impact. After the bootcamp they tailor services to applicants needs. Together they achieve the SDGs.
  • E4SCpedia: Applicants become part of a life-long learning community of peers. They will have access to pro-bono legal firms in their country of residence, introduction to relevant impact investors, invitation to the alumni board of trustees, and constant human support.

Countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey

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