Duskin Leadership Training in Japan for Young Persons with Disabilities

A call for applications has been issued for the Duskin Leadership Training in Japan for young persons with disabilities living in Asia and the Pacific.

This program is designed for young persons with disabilities living in Asia and the Pacific who have the willingness and the potential to become leaders in their communities and to work for persons with disabilities.

The program offers such young individuals with disabilities an opportunity to learn about welfare policies and services for persons with disabilities in Japan and thereby to obtain knowledge and skills that will support their future activities.

It was first initiated in 1999 by the Duskin AINOWA Foundation as a project commemorating the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993-2002). Over the past nineteen years, the program has invited 133 people from all over Asia and the Pacific to Japan.

Main features of the program

(1) Approximately the 10-month long training program will consist of three parts ‒ Japanese language learning, group training and individual training.

(2) The trainee will design his/her own individual training program based on his/her interests and future goals. A final training plan can be drawn up in consultation with training coordinators at JSRPD and with experts from related organizations.

(3) In principle, all the training will be provided in the Japanese (sign) language.

(4) The first three months will be devoted to intensive Japanese (sign) language lessons. Sufficient language skills will enable the trainee to exchange opinions and ideas with people in Japan. It is also a requirement for the trainees to make their presentation in Japanese (sign) language and/or to take Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December 2018.

(5) The trainee will learn about the current situation of rehabilitation and welfare services, and movements of/for persons with disabilities, through observation and hands-on experience.

(6) There will be opportunities to attend conferences and seminars on disability and/or rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

(7) The trainee will spend the New Year holidays with a Japanese family.

(8) The trainee will meet with disabled leaders and activists from different countries to get the latest information on international cooperation in relevant fields.

(9) The training covers a wide range of practical topics including how to write project proposals and reports and how to give presentations.

(10) The trainee will be required to submit both weekly reports and a final report.

Applicant criteria

No education history or prior work experience is required to apply for this program.

However, you must:

(1) be a person with a disability living in Asia and the Pacific,

(2) be between 18 and 29 years old as of August 8, 2018,

(3) be able to communicate in either Japanese (or Japanese Sign Language) or English (or International Sign Language/ASL) 《see 14. below》,

(4) be determined to become a future leader in your community and to work for persons with disabilities,

(5) be willing to adapt yourself to the Japanese lifestyle and complete about the 10-month training in Japan,

(6) understand that no temporary return to your home country will be allowed throughout the entire training period until the completion of the training,

(7) be able to carry out your everyday activities without assistance,

(8) have a surety, who is a parent, a sibling of age, or someone who is next of kin, and

(9) agree to participate in the program at your own risk.

Deadline: 8 August 2018

For more information, visit this link.